Today, web-based social networking has a tendency to promote a personification of Ibiza, every splendid light, unrestrained gatherings, and luxurious yachts. Be that as it may, there is an alternate side to the Balearic island, and it lies in the shadow of the spotlights and the iPhone camera flashes. Cervera endeavors to demonstrate an alternate perspective of Ibiza’s hard-celebrating picture.

“There has been a major change in Ibiza,” Cervera reveals to Format Magazine. “Four or five years back, Ibiza was somewhat bohemian, however now everything has turned out to be super business; every one of the organizations are concentrating on some sort of VIP way of life.” And with that way of life, Cervera feels, comes a made, hyper-sexualized picture.

As something of a changeless installation in Ibiza’s inventive ventures, Cervera is continually testing that ultra-indulgent perspective of the island. He’s right now putting his artistic work foundation to use as the executive of photography for Ibiza Style Magazine.

Cervera’s granddad, a built up painter, first showed him the instruments of imaginative sythesis and adjust. He likewise played guitar some time before he got a camera. “It’s entertaining, on the grounds that I began photography when I landed a position as a bookkeeper at a varying media organization,” Cervera says. “I got insane. I cleared out work, and I stated, I will examine photography.”

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