The outcome, After its own passing, is a test film that draws its title from a Mike Kelley exposition on craftsmanship after the demise of workmanship. Weber was sent north on a commission from the Unsound Dislocation venture, which is a joint activity by the Goethe Institute and the cutting edge music and craftsmanship celebration Unsound. The Dislocation venture has traversed 11 urban communities in the previous USSR and Central Asia. After its own particular passing highlighted a joint effort between Unsound, the Goethe Institute and London’s Barbican Center.

“Aside from delivering smaller than normal celebrations in every area, I attempted to commission a work fixing to each place somehow,” keeper Mat Schulz reveals to Format Magazine by means of email. Some of the time that implied starting a cooperation amongst neighborhood and universal craftsmen. “Or on the other hand it implied bringing specialists to make a work that was a reaction to the place.” That’s the manner by which Weber and Harris wound up in Russia.

“While I was in Murmansk on my first visit, I was tuning in to a considerable measure of Grouper’s music,” says Schulz. “It appeared to fit the place in late November.” He additionally took photographs, which he later presented on Instagram. In the wake of seeing that Harris, who makes music under the names Grouper and Nivhek, was preferring his photographs, he started messaging her about the city. It was through those discussions that the plan to commission a varying media work in Murmansk was considered. “I inquired as to whether she’d get a kick out of the chance to be in

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