Acting has been the focal point of numerous philosophical exchanges about its roots and in addition its motivation. For a few, acting is just amusement, enabling a crowd of people to get away from their day by day lives for a brief period, to shake of the worry of work, family, neighbors, and everything else that appears to incorporate a large portion of our lives all the time. Acting, regardless of whether it is through plays, motion pictures, satire dramas, or straight act of spontaneity, may enable the group of onlookers to just associate with each other, as a gathering to place or social capacity. Acting is then simply the paste that brings and ties these individuals together, and offers them some shared view to discuss once the execution has finished.

In the case of shooting for athletic brands like Nike and JD or capturing Sony earphones, Lewis brings a dynamic, energetic feel to all his work. Be that as it may, he never anticipated turning into a sportswear picture taker—it’s a specialty Lewis has steadily developed into. He has extensive experience with visual communication, and his photograph vocation truly commenced when somebody at Nike ran over his Instagram and offered him a gig. Presently, a couple of years after the fact, Lewis is an expert picture taker highlighted by Wonderful Machine, a US-based creation organization that backings a wide system of photographic artists over the world.

We connected with Lewis to discover more about his photographic procedure. He shared his bits of knowledge on making pictures for entrenched brands, the difficulties of shooting in one of America’s most sizzling urban communities, and finding your specialty as a picture taker.

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